留学生如何写出一篇Descriptive Essay

2022-07-21 10:59

A deive essay is an   way to flex your   . The idea is to   your   new by using words alone. The   to    will serve you well in many , so let's write that essay.


Your Ideas and   to Write组织你的想法和准备写作

First,   a topic that   out in your mind. The more vivid your   of a   place is, the   it will be for you to   that place to . Look   some old   if you like and pick one that   out.


Make a list of all the   that   pop into your head when you think of this place. Then dig   for the finer   and make a note of those too. The   you make your list at this stage, the less you'll have to add to your paper.


Next,   a rough — . Of , you   want to   an   and .   as many   in the body of your essay as you need to   the place   and meet your   .


Let Your Deors 让你的描述符随心而动

Now, it's time to start . Many types of   call for . But with a deive essay, you have more   to add , , and   to   a   image.


It may be   to begin with the body of the essay: the   deion. Close your eyes and   this place with all five . Take your time. Do you :


the scent of   in the air when you   Haiti?

the   of birds at the shore?

the feel of the cold   in those   walls?

the taste of the fresh fruit you   from a   in ?

the look of the sun   on the snow in the ?

  as many   as you can to give your   the full . Use a   to find   words.


When you're   , the more words you use, the . Look at the   and   the .


: Many car horns   at once.

AFTER: Like a   of angry geese, the cars   until the   tones   into a sort of white noise.

: My   was   than the house I   lived in.

AFTER: When I was in my , I could look down on my   and   I was a king on his .

, you'll want to start each   with an   of some   and then lay on more . Not every   has to sound like a line of , but   some   and   will   your .


Your Essay and   it to 完成你的文章和使其变得的完美

The last thing you need to do is add your   and . Be sure you   why you've   this place to write about. End the paper with an   of how this place made an   on you,   you'll , and so forth.


After you've   your draft, step away from the   and come back to it later. Read the essay with a fresh mind and see if it truly   that place you had in mind. Ask a   to read your essay—but   any   to the . See if he or she can guess the place you're .deive essay   


If your first   doesn't do it,   add more text or cut   words to   the .   and slang, and be sure to   any   words. Be sure your paper has a   flow and isn't just a   of   .


If you   these , you'll be able to turn out an   deive essay in no time. You may even be   to do   —or plan   trip so you'll have a new place to write about!

如果你遵循这些指南,你可以变成一个优秀的描述性的文章。你甚至可能启发进一步创造性写作计划下一次旅行你会有一个地方写! 更多留学资讯欢迎添加,或搜索微信公众号 关注,敬请期待。